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Kellee builds a boat!

I have always wanted to learn how to sail, with a dream of circumnavigating the globe and being a sea gypsy. Drawing route maps as a kid and dreaming of far away places. I got extremely side tracked, until now at the age of 28 (almost 29) but now I have decided to build a boat which will hopefully float. A couple of months ago I decided to do this and did a lot of research about how it could be done,  the reason I wanted to do this is because I live in a city where storage is minimal and I wanted something I could put on top of my car and take to lakes or bay,  basically a dinghy boat. I first came across Sailfish boats which were designed by the boat company Alcort and then later AMH you may know them as they are also the company that designs Sunfish boats (a widely more popular boat). The difference between the two is that the Sunfish you can sit inside as it has a hull and the Sailfish you sit on top. In the 1950's you could purchase the plans for the Sailfish and build it yourself or you could buy kits from the company.


Sailfish boats are not popular anywhere because you basically get extremely wet and you might capsize and well most people don't like doing any of those things, especially in Northern California where you need a wetsuit even in the summer. There is one place however that loves Sailfish boats and that is Australia, they even created their own sailing class and have races, events, and clubs all over.  I found plans for both boats (Sailfish and Australian Sailfish) but decided that since the Australian community was much stronger and has been evolving the design for many years, that I would reach out to them (they also have gotten really creative with colors and styles). I got a response the next day from Chris Cleary and Greg Barwick both experienced Sailfish makers and sailors. I promised them I would send photos of the progress. 

Here is a link to the Austrialian Sailfish group, there are tons of pictures of the finished ones and information about the history of them. 

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