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Kellee Kimbro . UX Researcher & Design

Copy of Wearable Camera


The Challenge: Finding opportunities and insight into the photography market by understanding market trends and user behavior.

TP- Link is a telecommunication/manufacturer based in China. Mostly known for high quality wifi and networking products they wanted to expand their market to cameras.


Result: Wearable Camera Device


Methods: Market research, observational research & interviews, low fidelity prototyping.


My Role: UX Researcher


Who takes pictures?

Interview pics.png

Who we Interviewed:

We interviewed a group of people from diverse backgrounds, ages, and professions.

+ Demographics and Backgrounds

+Types of cameras they use, where they keep them, what kind of accessories if any.

+Types of software used if any

+Who, what, where, when, why and how they take photos

+What memories are most important to capture

+If they have ever missed a memory and why, what happened?

+Ideal photo taking scenario

+Favorite photos they have taken and why?


What insights can we learn from how people take photos and record memories?

Sharing Moments


“Seeing my experience from my friends perspective also, makes the memories of it more rich” 

“My family and I share our family specific pictures on a private facebook album so that we can see all of the photos from a time together.” 

“I don’t want people to have access to my photos without my permission” 

Multiple perspectives enhance the memory of the experience.


Missing Moments


“I don’t want to miss the moment to take a photo.” 

“If I post my photographs immediately to instagram, I miss the moment.” 

“I don’t want to have to stop and think about taking pictures, I just want to experience the moment.” 

Taking pictures and videos distracts from the present moment.

Technology Error.jpg

Human Error


“I wish I had taken some photographs last weekend when my friends visited. I’m already starting to forget the experience of it.”

“Sometimes my hands are full or messy and I’ll see something I want to photograph, but I can’t”  

“I miss a picture every time I’m not holding my camera.” 

“It’s always that one second delay that makes you miss a moment” 

Missed photos become forgotten moments.

Fulfilling experiences.jpg

Fulfilling Experiences


“High quality well crafted photos are much more valuable to me but it takes more effort” 

“Videos help me see the whole setting better than a picture” 

“Videos are an entire experience, sound visual and emotion” 

Video and high quality photos add dimension but take extra commitment.


Candid vs. Staged


“When the Cameras are out the kids put on a different face.” 

“When someone doesn’t know that you’re capturing a picture of them, the memory feels more pure.” 

“Captures of the pure moments of the kids, when they don’t know you’re looking, are the most captivating.”

Unaltered moments are the most meaningful.


Using Photos as Communication


“I like to show my wife what I did with my kids today through photos” - Steven

“A video of me opening a present from a friend half way around the world is a good way of saying thank you” 

“I’ll send a video to a friend of some waves so they can see what the set looks like then I’ll delete the photo” 

 Photos and videos don’t need to last forever to help tell a story.


Post Production


“Picking my own music makes it even more personal”

“Simple filters can make my photos feel more personal and expressive”

“I stitch photos with other related photos to tell a bigger story”

 Applying your own mark makes any photo more expressive, and individual.


Media Management


“All of my important photos end up online” 

“It’s easier to have all my photos on one device” 

 Unified ecosystem for photos makes use/reuse convenient.


Translating Insights into Design Opportunities

Design Opportunties.png

Who are the users?

Young Urban Adventurer

Persona 3.png

Social Media Influencer

Doting Parent

Persona 2.png

How do people use cameras and take pictures?

How do people take photos.png
How do people use cameras.png

Testing Out Wearables

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Final Design