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The Challenge: How can we redefine how children watch television?

A major television client approached us asking us how might we redefine how children watch tv and use television remotes? Through user research and prototype validation we were able to design a magical experience for children’s enjoyment, that challenged traditional television watching.

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The Outcome: New television remote design + UI Interface


Approach: Market Research, Survey Design, Observational Research, Ergonomic Form Testing, A/B Prototypes User Testing, Wizard of Oz Testing, Online Card Sorting


My Role: Lead UX Researcher/Designer




Kids television apps can be defined as colorful, playful, and simple.

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How are kids interfaces apps controlled?

There are many types of television input devices on the market anywhere from the traditional universal remote, to gesture remotes and gaming controllers and kids centric remotes. Mostly all of them are designed for adults with complicated controls and too many buttons while on the other hand kid centric remotes tend to be too simplified and don’t allow for freedom of navigation.

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Research Plan

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Observational Research Session

We conducted an observational research session with a group of children ages 5-12. We tested three types of remotes a traditional TV remote, kids centric remotes, and some gaming controllers.    

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Remote Testing Results

Kids preferred the remotes that had simplified button controls and gesture based interactions. The remotes that proved most complicated for kids were the numerical and touch based interaction.

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Remote Opportunity

The biggest opportunity lies in a remote that has a simplified button layout that works well with the digital interface and has an interactive navigation element.

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Interface Testing Results

Many of the competitors have interfaces that are quite similar the only big differences is with their content, with Netflix being the most comprehensive. There were no interfaces that had an innovative or easy way to browse through the content easily.

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Interface Opportunity

An interface that has comprehensive content and smart browsing.

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How do kids like to browse and search for content?

35 Respondents 

Ages between 3-15 

50% Male 50% Female.

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Browsing Behavior Survey

Top Categories All Ages (In order for most popular)


+Action (Tied with Fantasy)

+Fantasy (Tied with Action)

+Super Hero

+Book Characters (Tied with wizard)

Least Popular All Ages (In order of least favorite)





+Dinosaur & Dragon

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Digital Card-sorting Activity

+Overall favorite category was action/adventure amongst all ages and genders

+Youtube (78%) and Netflix (73%) were the top streaming services

+Top three ways of browsing for movies was type search (63%) look through suggested movies (61%) scroll through homepage. (46%)

+Least favorite way to look for movies was by character (39%)

+78% of participants used recommendations


Summary and Insights

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Design Exploration


Interface Development

One of the biggest issues kids had while trying to find something to watch was browsing through categories. They didn’t always know what to were look for, and would give up on searching for something they wanted to watch.


How do users browser through other apps?

Other apps organize content by having main categories on the homepage and once you click a main category they offer sub categories from the sub categories a user can click and play a movie.


Proposed Browsing Method - Sorting through Content


Inspiration from other Industries

Clothing companies have a lot of inventory in their database. To make browsing for specific items easier for the user they have added sorting and filtering features to their webpages.

Interface Design Solution

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Industrial Design Development

The industrial design team focused on finding a physical form was ergonomic for little hands and had a button layout that kids could use easily. The “magic wand” forms they explored were inspired by Harry Potter.



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Prototype 1


What we tested

A UI and physical prototype

Prototype 1.png
Prototype 1.2.png
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Prototype 2

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Prototype 2.2.png
Prototype 2.3.png
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